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Jade Teahouse & Patisserie: A Gem in Sellwood

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I discovered this place about a year ago – and it’s my favorite post-hike or trail run destination coming from Tryon Creek State Park.  Here’s why.  The food is consistently fresh, light and full of flavor.  It’s actually refreshing fare.  And, whether or not I am hiking, trail running or just jonesing on noshing Vietnamese style, I could seriously eat at this delightful place every day.

Plus – they advertise as gluten-free friendly, which, to this celiac chick, makes it even more of a regular destination.  The food, in general, is geared towards health and wellness. 

The ambiance is simple – in its design, elegance and feel.  The energy is warm, the people are friendly, it is both inviting and relaxing – even if it is most often packed with hungry people.  They all seem happy!

Most recently, after a hot yoga class, I headed over to Sellwood to feed on more wellness.  I am a girl of balance, after all. 

I got in line and knew exactly what I wanted to order, and knew I’d be taking some left-overs home for lunch the next day.  This place is always busy.  There’s always a line.  But, everyone in line is happily anticipating their order.  It’s worth the wait.

I sang off my wish list of  ginger peach iced tea (and asked for some blue agave sweetener on the side – which they always kindly oblige), chicken and shrimp salad rolls and Vietnamese rice vermicelli salad.  Doesn’t that all just sound pretty?

And, it was pretty delightful.  The ginger peach iced tea was absolutely refreshing.  This is a teahouse and they do not disappoint in that arena of artisanal selections.

I ate half of my order of chicken and shrimp salad rolls that came with peanut sauce topped in red pepper paste.  This is a standard classic of Vietnamese cuisine, only, Jade’s version is always much more fresh and crisp than the average Vietnamese restaurant.  It’s authentic, but the lettuce is super leafy and green, the sprouts taste cool and crisp, every bite suggests it came from the produce stand that morning.  And, I very much appreciate that.  Your standard classic is only as good as the quality of its ingredients.

Next, I gladly dove into my bowl of Vietnamese rice vermicelli salad with carrots, cucumbers, Romaine lettuce, tomato, bean sprouts, cilantro, thin noodles, ground peanuts with grilled shrimp and chicken.  Ahhhh.  So refreshing.  Like a cold shower after a hot yoga class.  Bliss.  This dish was tangy-sweet with beautiful ingredients, that cool, crisp texture I was hoping for, set against warm, soft noodles.  Truly a culinary jewel. 

Jade is a lustrous green gemstone relative of Asian culture and is said to have a unique, symbolic energy, and is unique in the myths that surround it.   I think Jade the restaurant is aptly named.

Jade Teahouse & Patisserie
Sellwood-Moreland Neighborhood
7912 SE 13th Ave
Portland, OR  97202


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  dival wrote @

I was looking up the address to take a friend to lunch at Jade after having eaten there twice before. Your review is right on the money as far as quality of food, freshness and taste. Thanks!

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