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Every once in awhile I get the priviledge to hear from different folks around the globe asking me to write about a newly released book or other product launch that exists in the “spiritual” realm.  I am not traditionally a reviewer of any kind.  But, when the circumstance is right, I like to write about anything that is spiritually helpful, insightful, uplifting or holistically healthy. 

Not too long ago, I was contacted by a fan of N.E.D., a cause driven musical initiative.   N.E.D.  is a rock band comprised of six board certified Gynecologic Oncologists from across the United States charged with guiding women (and their families) through cancer diagnoses.  They each follow their patients throughout treatment, from initial detection through radiation, chemo therapy, surgery and post-operative rehabilitation.  For these physicians, they feel the most joy when therapy leads to the hopeful prognosis “no evidence of disease“.  Hence, the name for the band.

The mission of the band is to enhance knowledge about gynecologic cancers and bring hope through rhythm for women undergoing treatment.  The doctors strongly believe music heals.  In fact, more than 250 journal articles report findings investigating the beneficial effects of music on pain, anxiety or depression.  In a recent study at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, investigators found that patients who received music therapy while undergoing chemotherapy reported 37% less mood disturbance than other patients and 28% less anxiety. Other studies have shown that music can assist patients in coping with difficult illnesses.  N.E.D. is focused on using music to convey this comfort.

With original music influenced by U2, Foo Fighters, Rush, and Weezer, N.E.D. hopes to bring a fresh and encouraging, yet sympathetic approach to what can often be a very dark time. 

N.E.D.’s CD launches on September 8, 2009, coinciding with Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month.  Proceeds from the sale of the CD and live performances will be donated to the N.E.D. Cancer Foundation, supported by the Gynecologic Cancer Foundation (GCF) whose mission is to educate the public about gynecologic cancers and support promising research.  Specifically, funding donated to GCF by N.E.D. will support the new Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Movement (GCAM) to be launched in November 2009 in Washington, DC with the Inaugural GCAM Half Marathon on November 8, 2009.

Support a worthy cause, support women’s health issues and support a rock and roll band that promises music that heals.

Local Oregonians – support the band when they come to play at the Crystal Ballroom in Portland for the N.E.D.  CD release party on 10/25/09.

Become a fan on Facebook.

For more information:
The Gynecologic Cancer Foundation (GCF)  
Women’s Cancer Network (WCN)  
GCF’s National Cervical Cancer Public Education Campaign
The Inaugural GCAM Half Marathon



  Quin wrote @

Thanks, Leah. A great cause, no doubt.

(I love seeing you on a tractor!)

  Marie Jorgensen wrote @

Thanks for the information. It’s a worthy cause and one that I will support!

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