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The Next Chapter in This Writer’s Life

It’s been a whirlwind winter.  I lost my job at the winery in December, albeit with a decent severence package, but also with feelings of uncertainty, worry and flat out fear.  This economy isn’t exactly the best one to meet upon entering unemployment.  But, somehow we survive and find what we need – or perhaps what we are meant to be doing.  I always say God gives us everything we need and no more than we can handle.  That said, a lay off can be a most auspicious event.

Right before I had ended my year-long blog, 365 Days Until Love,  which I am now putting onto the page for my next book, I had gone to a birth chart reading party at a friend’s house.   And, what has since resonated about that reading has been the trajectory of my career path.  The astrologer read:
You are driven by Mercury and, therefore, your strength is in communication, speaking and writing.  As for the ideal career, you need to eventually work toward being a ‘free agent’, working independently where you have great freedom.  With your sun in Capricorn, you are energized in things that allow you to work on your own, and you need to always look ahead, ready to take on the next challenge, always looking for the next mountain to climb…

In a couple of years you will go through a phase of Pluto square, which represents a time of change.  Not to worry – you have been moving toward this great change for quite some time now, so it won’t be a big shocker when the real changes begin to manifest.  What you have been doing, career wise, will be affected in the next 2-3 years.  This Pluto square phase should peak in 3-4 years, opening up to a highly creative cycle and you’ll need to let go of the old ways of doing things.

This information seems to point right to my recent job loss and state of unemployment.  Thus, I have been diligently taking advantage of this precious gift of time off.  I have been busy working on my book proposal for the 365 Day book, which is currently titled Love Grows in the Backyard.   I was invited to be a regular contributor for Wine Press Northwest  magazine – my first story will be included in the Spring 2009 issue.  I continue to seek out other freelance writing opportunities. 

Another exciting development – I just started offering marketing and communication solutions to a handful of wineries and winegrowers associations.  Interested wineries and wine businesses can learn more about my offered services here.

As for the creative writing, I’m still working on my poetry and will launch a new book of poems this spring.  Please be sure to return often to learn about my latest prose, poems and freelance projects.  

I am grateful for this time and space to work creatively and independently.  I am committed to my writing and
burgeoning business.  I am energized by the soft and steady winds of change.  I am paying attention to the trickling sound of opportunity knocking.  Shhhhhh.  Take a moment.  Listen… I hope you hear it too! 

I hope all who find themselves in a similar place of transition can learn to embrace this as a time of opportunity – seize the moment!  It may be the permission you’ve always longed for to start making your dreams come true.